Are You Implementing These 3 Security Measures for Your Multifunction Printer?

12 September 2016
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Multifunction printers are popular for several reasons, such as their elimination of the need to buy different devices for various office functions (printing, scanning and faxing, for example). However, some of the features of the multifunction printer may make that printer vulnerable to several security threats. This article discusses some measures that may increase the security of your colour multifunction printer.

Physical Security

Multifunction printers may contain very sensitive business information, such as the emails sent to clients or suppliers. Such valuable information can be compromised in case you don't take steps to physically secure the printer. This can be done by placing the printer in a restricted room where a few authorised employees can reach it. This can prevent the printer from being removed from your premises when no one is looking.

User Control

Another security measure that you should take is to institute an authentication system of passwords and usernames before the colour multifunction printer can be used. It is also important for you to disable any ports that are not being used on a day-to-day basis. This will prevent the unauthorised transfer or installation of data/software on the printer.

Digital Security

One of the attractions of colour multifunction printers is their ability to receive files wirelessly. However, this feature has security risks that can be exploited in case safety measures are not implemented.

The first step you can take to secure your printer from cyber attacks is to avoid opening its administrator panel to internet access. Only use a network connection within your office to access the control panel of the printer even if you want to access files from the cloud.

Secondly, ensure that all connections within the network of the printer are encrypted. For instance, the use of a secure sockets layer (SSL) can protect all the data transmitted using an internet browser from being intercepted by unauthorised people.

Thirdly, it is important for you to keep updating your colour multifunction printer. The manufacturer of the printer usually provides those software updates. The updates help to protect your printer from any system vulnerabilities that have become known to the maker of your printer.

Colour multifunction printers differ in terms of the security features that they have. Pay close attention to the security mechanisms that different printers have before you make a selection. Only then will you be sure that people who try to gain access to that information illegally will not compromise the valuable data of your company.