Environmental Benefits of Carbonless Forms

30 December 2020
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Since the emergence of carbonless forms, the materials have become increasingly popular among large and small businesses. The reason is that carbonless forms have significantly facilitated the duplicate and triplicate printing processes. Besides, unlike carbon interleaved papers, carbonless forms can be used with impact printers. However, the fact that carbonless forms are environmentally friendly is causing quite a stir in the business community. This article highlights the environmental benefits of carbonless forms.

Eliminates Carbon Paper Waste -- In today's business environment, companies have to make triplicates and quadruplicates of invoices, purchase orders, and other types of forms. This can be attributed to the need for a robust document tracking system. Unfortunately, using interleaved carbon poses a threat to the environment since you have to dispose of the carbon papers after making copies. If you run a busy establishment, you may have to dispose of many inked carbon papers, which hurts the environment. Since carbonless forms eliminate the need for carbon papers, you do not have to worry about environmental pollution.

Saves Trees -- When you look at and feel carbon paper, it is hard to believe that wood is the source, just like any other piece of paper. The only difference is that carbon papers are coated with a soot layer and bound with wax on one side. This means that trees have to be logged to produce carbon papers. However, considering the growing number of businesses that need carbon papers, it is easy to understand why the increased demand takes a toll on the environment over time. Although carbonless forms are also made from wood, they do not require a carbon sheet to make copies, which means fewer trees are affected. This goes a long way in conserving the environment since trees are excellent air purifiers.

Zero Toner Emission -- When you place a carbon interleaved paper inside a printer, the solvent-based capsules in the machine heat the inked paper. The process emits toner to the atmosphere, leading to poor indoor air quality. Additionally, the chemical reaction between the printer solvent and carbon paper ink can damage the machine. Carbonless forms are compatible with impact printers because they only contain a very thin layer of ink. This makes them less harmful to the environment regardless of the level of ventilation in an office. Since carbonless forms are also less likely to damage your printers, you do not have to worry about frequent maintenance and repairs.

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