Five Benefits Of Corflute Printing

16 March 2022
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Corflute is a hard-wearing, waterproof material. That makes it an excellent option for printing signage. Corflute is a corrugated plastic, which means it's made from a core sandwiched between two layers of plastic. It is lightweight, durable and can be printed on easily.

There are many benefits to using corflute for your signage needs. Here are five reasons you should use it for your next project:

1. Corflute Is A Great And Inexpensive Alternative To PVC

Many professionals have been using traditional PVC for banners and signage for years, but corflute has become a popular material for use with real estate signs, trade show displays, election signs and much more. Corflute is similar to PVC in that it is waterproof, but the thinner material allows you to get away with a more lightweight design, and the flexibility of corflute allows you to create a truly unique and eye-catching display piece. The affordability of the material makes it a favourite choice of many businesses.

2. Corflute Is Lightweight, Strong And Waterproof

Because corflute is so lightweight and thin, it won't weigh your business down or take up much space in your storage room or warehouse. It's also very durable, especially considering that it is lightweight, which means it won't tear easily if it's accidentally bumped or knocked over. 

Corflute is a material that is completely weatherproof, which makes it the ideal choice for outdoor advertising. It will not be affected by rain or wind, nor will it fade or warp when exposed to the sun. This makes corflute an excellent choice for outdoor signage as it can be left outside for extended periods of time without deteriorating.

3. Corflute Can Be Printed Onto Easily

Corflute can be printed easily using UV printers, which are able to print directly onto the plastic sheets without reducing the effectiveness of the corflute board. This means that you can create highly detailed graphics that will last for years when printed onto corflute.

4. Corflute Signs are Versatile

Corflute signs offer a high level of flexibility for your marketing needs. These signs can be installed in a number of different ways, such as hanging from the ceiling or standing upright on their own. This makes them incredibly versatile for businesses that can use the same signage outdoors and indoors.

They are also easy to change and customise, so you can have several different corflute signs on display at once with their own messages, images and colours.

5. Corflute Signs Are Easy To Transport

Compared to other types of signage, corflute signs are very lightweight and easy to transport. They can be erected in a matter of seconds and dismantled immediately after you need them. They are, therefore, suitable for a wide range of applications, including exhibitions, school fetes, garage sales, trade shows and auctions.

Because they are so light, the signs can be carried easily by one or two people. They can also be stored away when they are not in use, leaving more room for stock on delivery vehicles and in warehouses.

Corflute signs are very cost-effective and easy to customise. They are also available in a huge range of colours, sizes and shapes. For more information about corflute printing, chat with a friendly staff member today.