How to Use Labels Creatively for Your Organisation

8 November 2016
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In business, you have to continuously work hard in order to get seen by your customers and it's difficult to be noticed in a sea of noise. More and more organisations are competing for your prospect's buying dollar and you often have to think creatively in order to become visible. You may not have considered using humble business labels here, but it can be a powerful solution. What do you need to consider in relation to label marketing?

Labels As a Tool

Labels can be used very effectively in not only communicating but building your brand. There are a variety of different applications possible, but some vital considerations before you start.

Keeping It Simple

Don't make the mistake of trying to impart a complex message to your prospects when using label design. Remember, that any marketing image has to catch the attention of somebody in a split-second and it has to immediately make sense and convey a message, or it is wasted. Many business owners try and cram a lot of information into a small space, to their detriment. The design needs to be not only functional, but must be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Design Considerations

You have to come up with the cleanest and simplest possible design in order to allow your message to be communicated logically. If your label is far too elaborate it misses the target. Your business name has to be included in a simple font and a style that grabs the attention. You shouldn't use an intricate logo that, when scaled down, is simply too difficult to decipher in a split-second.

Any text on your label needs to be in one of the conventional font styles like Arial or Calibri. Don't just use some obscure font because it's different and you think it will help you to stand out.

When designing your label you may be using a typical desktop publishing tool. Always reduce the design of the label to its actual size on screen, so you can have an idea how it translates "in the real world."

Make sure the contact information is simple and ideally easy to remember. Simplify a website URL as much as possible and create an email address that uses just one word in addition to your domain name, such as "support" or the first name of an individual.

Plan Your Campaigns

Finally, while labels can be a powerful communication tool, make sure that you don't overdo any campaigns. Use labels creatively but sparingly so that each application counts as part of your overall marketing objective.