Top 3 Factors to Consider When Picking a Digital Printing Firm

9 January 2019
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With so many commercial digital printing companies in Australia today, choosing a digital printing company can be challenging. Some companies specialise in making safety signs and vehicle signage, among other products and services. So, how can a procurement manager pick the right printing firm to partner with? Below are some solid points such managers can rely on to evaluate potential partners. All this can be accomplished by discussing potential printers with colleagues, visiting different websites and calling the contenders you have shortlisted.


Digital printing companies differ in their capabilities, and this makes it hard to tell companies apart simply by checking their websites. Some are print brokers who don't have manufacturing capabilities, while others are trade printers or even small shops that only handle walk-in traffic. So, if you are searching for sign printing or sign installation among other services, you must ensure you choose the right company for the task at hand.

Many commercial printing companies can handle both conventional and digital printing, although each company is unique. Take time to look at each printer's site and talk to their representative in order to know their capabilities. Factors such as your needs, quantities, types of materials, level of sophistication and levle of complexity, including the kind of services you require, will come into play. Remember that some printers only work with companies in certain industries such as higher education, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, nonprofit and so on. If your industry isn't listed, you can always ask them if they can work on your project.

Request for samples

While it's okay to start by checking a company's website (looking at their gallery and work in general) nothing beats looking at their work in person. Once you get the chance to meet with a printer, do not hesitate to ask them to bring samples to show their capabilities. In case there are specific print requirements for your industry, be sure to ask for samples of work done for a colleague in your industry.

Customer service

If you want to get quality work, make sure you search for a company that puts their customers first—and find out how they accomplish this. While the verbiage on the site might show their customer-centric philosophy, you still have to discuss all this with the company and their previous customers. In case you do not know some of their clients, do not hesitate to ask for references from the firm. Also, ask if they will assign you a customer service representative.

For more information, contact a digital printing company.